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What is Contoura LASIK?

Contoura® Vision represents the forefront of LASIK eye surgery advancements in the U.S., having received FDA approval for its topography-guided technique. T

What is Contoura LASIK?

Contoura® Vision represents the forefront of LASIK eye surgery advancements in the U.S., having received FDA approval for its topography-guided technique. This innovative approach offers an unprecedented level of customization in LASIK procedures, setting a new benchmark for precision and personalized vision correction. No other LASIK method in the U.S. matches its tailored precision, marking a significant leap forward in defining the standard for visual acuity. Clinical studies highlight that numerous patients have attained superior vision with Contoura Vision compared to their previous experiences with glasses or contacts.

What Is Topography-Guided LASIK?

The essence of Contoura Vision lies in its utilization of advanced corneal topography, offering surgeons detailed insights into the cornea’s unique structure that were previously unattainable with older LASIK technologies. This method involves capturing intricate details of the eye’s surface, allowing for a customized treatment plan tailored to the individual characteristics of each eye, thereby enhancing the precision of laser eye surgery.

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Demonstrating a notable advancement in vision correction, topography-guided LASIK through Contoura Vision has proven to be effective in achieving vision that is as good as, or better than, traditional corrective lenses for most patients. It signifies a pivotal development in the evolution of personalized LASIK surgery, backed by the latest FDA-approved topographic laser technology in the United States.

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Eligibility for Contoura Vision:

Contoura Vision offers a promising option for numerous patients, particularly those who are nearsighted, with or without astigmatism. Given the unique nature of astigmatism patterns, this customized approach to LASIK can significantly enhance accuracy in correction, offering a solution previously unavailable. Determining suitability for this procedure is facilitated through a comprehensive evaluation at a LASIK Vision Center.

Understanding the Procedure:

The combination of the topographer and the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser reshapes the cornea, substantially improving vision by tailoring the procedure to the specific contours of each patient’s eye. This customization minimizes potential post-operative issues such as light sensitivity or visual disturbances.

Patients undergo a detailed imaging process of the eye, analyzing over 22,000 unique corneal elevation points. This data informs the creation of a bespoke surgical plan aimed at optimizing vision outcomes.

What to Expect:

The topography-guided LASIK procedure is brief, typically concluding within fifteen minutes, and is characterized by minimal discomfort. Recovery trajectories vary, with most patients witnessing significant visual improvement shortly after their procedure. While recovery times can differ, particularly for those with higher prescriptions, the post-operative care involves simple steps to ensure optimal healing, including transportation assistance, eye care to prevent infection, and adherence to surgeon’s instructions for post-operative care. Minor symptoms like watery or red eyes may occur initially, but many return to their regular activities the following day. Follow-up care, including medication for discomfort and checks for healing progress, is an integral part of the recovery process.

How Long Does Contoura LASIK Take?

The topography-guided LASIK procedure, a hallmark of precision and comfort, is completed in roughly fifteen minutes. The majority of individuals experience minimal discomfort, highlighting the procedure’s advanced and patient-friendly approach.

Contoura LASIK Recovery

Following your Network topography-guided LASIK surgery, you’re likely to witness significant improvements in vision almost immediately. It’s important to note that recovery rates can vary from one individual to another, with those having more complex prescriptions potentially requiring a bit more time to fully recover. Key steps for a smooth recovery include:

During the initial recovery phase, it’s normal to experience some level of discomfort as your eyes adjust and heal. This may include mild symptoms such as watery or red eyes for a few days. However, many find they’re able to resume their usual activities by the next day. To support your recovery, your Network surgeon will offer guidance on managing any discomfort and arrange a follow-up appointment to monitor your healing progress and visual improvement.

This tailored approach ensures that each step of your journey, from preparation through to recovery, is managed with the utmost care and precision, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional vision correction experiences.

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