Co-Management Program

The Doctors Network is the nation’s largest and most experienced network of surgeons in the United States. Join the thousands of co-managing doctors that partner with’s Network.

Why Partner With the LASIK Network?

The Partners Program is a great way to earn co-management fees for pre and postoperative care. This is an excellent way for your patients to experience the amazing benefits of LASIK and continue their lifetime eye care with you, their trusted eye care professional.

Lucrative Revenue Opportunity

We pay generous co-management fees on a timely basis for pre and postoperative care by partnering with the national most experienced LASIK network.

Advanced Technology

We use multiple laser platforms and advanced technology to offer a customized treatment plan for any patients unique vision needs. Individualized and customized 100% bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery. No “One-sized fit-all” approaches.

Half Star

Exceptional Reputation

Our network surgeons must be trusted members of the community with strong reviews and experience.Over 86,800 5-Star reviews with an average Google rating of 4.9 Stars you can feel confident sending your patient to world-class surgeons.

Simple & Smooth Process

Simply enter the patient information into the LASIK portal for each patient you co-manage. You can schedule your patient directly into the vision center of your choice and follow their entire LASIK journey. It’s easy to upload exams and patients can return to you for their postop care.


Superior Experience

Our network surgeons are board-certified, highly trained, and LASIK-focused providers.Access to some of the most experienced surgeons in the country. Opportunities to schedule and meet surgeons, ODs and support teams.

Lifetime Commitment

While LASIK eye surgery is a long-term vision correction solution, a small percentage of patients require a re-treatment after their initial procedure. You can rest assured that your patients are covered free of charge for life. (Some Restrictions Apply)

What You Get With a Partnership

  • Special LASIK Discounts for Your Patients
  • Generous Co-Management Fees
  • Welcome Kit Including Swag, Collateral, and Info Guides
  • Access to Our Online Portal
  • Listings and Featured Provider on

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