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Learn About LASIK

Learn About LASIK

Author: Dr. William Tullo
June 9, 2017 • 30697 views

Learn About LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in North America, and there is a good chance that you know a friend, relative, or colleague who has had the procedure to address vision problems. But that still leaves some big questions, like what is LASIK exactly, how does it work, and what does it treat? In this video, you'll find answers to the most common questions about LASIK surgery, and learn more about what patients have to say about the benefits of LASIK.

What is LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK is short for laser-assisted-in-situ-keratomileusis, and that's the last long, medical term you'll have to worry about in this presentation. There's a reason that the LASIK acronym caught on, rather than the full name! The big thing to remember is that LASIK relies on a specialized, FDA-approved tool called an excimer laser, and it is an outpatient procedure performed at your local LASIK center. LASIK may be used to address the most common vision problems, including:

  • Nearsightedness, or Myopia
  • Farsightedness, or Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism

The entire LASIK procedure only takes about 15 minutes for both eyes. Since it's an outpatient procedure, that means that you get to go home the same day. And your LASIK specialist's involvement doesn't end when the procedure is complete. After LASIK eye surgery, there will be a series of checkups where you'll be able to monitor your progress, ask any questions you have about recovery, and keep the process moving along as planned.

Due to its popularity and ability to address some of the most common vision problems, LASIK is one of the most frequently performed procedures in North America. Nobody can promise perfect vision after LASIK, or say with certainty that you won't have to use glasses or contacts ever again after having LASIK eye surgery. However, many people who have had LASIK are able to rely significantly less on glasses and contacts after surgery.

The Hidden Benefits of LASIK Surgery

While the medical details are important, it certainly doesn't hurt to get perspective from people who have actually had LASIK surgery, and experienced the results first-hand. You'll find a diverse collection of testimonials within the video, which speak to the little, everyday perks that patients found while experiencing the benefits of LASIK eye surgery.

  • Whether it's your child's recital or game seven of the World Series for your favorite team, glasses and contacts always seem to get lost right before the big event. It's nice to set out without worrying about whether you'll be able to enjoy the action.
  • Ever try going for a run or hitting the gym in glasses or contacts? Not always a pleasant experience. Enjoy a workout, without worrying about what sweat will do to your contacts.
  • The most common theme among people who have had laser eye surgery? Freedom. It takes different forms for different people, and everyone enjoys the freedom of LASIK in their own way.
  • The second most common theme? Convenience. It's simply more convenient not to have to worry about vision problems and whether your glasses or contacts are always close by. Those little moments of saved time can really add up.

The only question left is, what could LASIK mean to you? Find a local LASIK provider and schedule a free evaluation to see if you’re a candidate!

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