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La cirugía ocular LASIK moderna es más segura, más accesible y más fácil que nunca gracias a los avances en láser, tecnología de diagnóstico y experiencia de los médicos. Encuentre un centro de LASIK cerca de usted y únase a los millones de pacientes tratados por nuestra red de médicos de confianza.

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¿Qué es LASIK.com?

La fuente respetada sobre cirugía ocular LASIK para doctores y pacientes

LASIK.com es el recurso completo para obtener información fiable sobre el LASIK moderno y la corrección de la visión con láser. Estamos orgullosos de nuestra red de médicos especialistas en LASIK y centros oftalmológicos certificados, que le facilitan la búsqueda de proveedores de confianza cerca de usted.

La Red De Médicos De Lasik

La Red Más Grande de
Médicos de LASIK de confianza en los EE. UU.

Solo nos asociamos con oftalmólogos certificados y cirujanos altamente experimentados en LASIK y otras cirugías refractivas. Examinamos cuidadosamente a cada uno de nuestros cirujanos asociados para asegurarnos de que cumplan con nuestros estrictos estándares de seguridad del paciente, tecnología y calidad general de la atención. Obtenga más información sobre la red LASIK con más experiencia de EE. UU.

¿Qué es la cirugía ocular Lasik?

El Procedimiento Electivo Más Popular del Mundo y Más de 20 Millones de Procedimientos en los Estados Unidos

La cirugía ocular LASIK, también conocida como «cirugía ocular láser», es un procedimiento mínimamente invasivo y altamente eficaz que se utiliza para corregir errores refractivos en el ojo, como la miopía, la hipermetropía y el astigmatismo. La cirugía ocular LASIK produce una mejora significativa en la visión, lo que a menudo permite a los pacientes reducir o eliminar la necesidad de anteojos o lentes de contacto.

Mujer morena con una bonita sonrisa

Por qué elegir la red LASIK.com

Su visión está en buenas manos con nuestra red LASIK de clase mundial

En LASIK.com tenemos una lista de comprobación de 6 factores que hemos verificado en nuestra red para que no tengas que dedicar tiempo a buscar una experiencia LASIK de 5 estrellas. Nuestra red confiable de LASIK se compromete a garantizar que usted pueda encontrar fácilmente algunos de los mejores cirujanos oculares con láser de los Estados Unidos.

  • Superior Experience

    Our network surgeons are board-certified, highly trained, and LASIK-focused providers.

  • Advanced Technology

    Our network surgeons use advanced and trusted laser eye surgery equipment with a focus on safety.

  • Customization Approach

    Our network surgeons are committed to individualized and customized 100% bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery. No «One-sized fit-all» approaches.

  • Lifetime Commitment

    Our network surgeons ensure a lifetime plan that is committed to your personalized LASIK vision journey (Restrictions Apply).

  • Community Trusted

    Our network surgeons must be trusted members of the community with strong reviews and experience.

  • Physicians Trusted

    Our network surgeons must have relationships and affiliations with local eyecare professionals.

¿Dónde conseguir LASIK?

Explora la mayor y más fiable red de cirujanos oculares especialistas en LASIK de Estados Unidos. LASIK Cerca de Mí

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Confiado Por Atletas Profesionales en Todo El País

La red LASIK en la que confían los proveedores de seguros y los médicos

La red LASIK.com de cirujanos oftalmológicos de talla mundial participa en muchos de los mayores planes nacionales de salud y visión. Eso significa que puede aprovechar sus ventajas exclusivas para ahorrar cientos de euros.

What People are Saying

Dr Wills did a great job, I am seeing 20/20 4 days later. I am so happy I did the treatment and highly recommend Dr Weltman, Dr Wills, Nat, Kendyl and the entire Rockville team!
Zhang S. from in the last week

Zhang S.

in the last week

I was so nervous and days after surgery could see perfectly out of my left eye, but had a small wrinkle in my right eye. Not only did they honor their guarantee, but they also did it with a smile. I would recommend EVERYONE to come and check them out if you are wearing glasses. I am so grateful I did it, even with the small bump in the road. Amazing experience and amazing people.…
Brandi N. from in the last week

Brandi N.

in the last week

The staff were all are very friendly and made me feel comfortable and confident in their work. My appointments were so quick, which I appreciated. Everything kept moving, so I had very little wait time. I did the consult and surgery in the same day. It was fantastic. Highly recommend.
Jordana S. from a week ago

Jordana S.

a week ago

Had some age related sight deficiencies and decided I wanted to pursue LASIK as an option. Very quickly talked with consultant, then had an exam and was scheduled for Mono that afternoon. Longer than I wanted to wait in the lobby for surgery but everything went well. Great office willing and ready to answer any questions. I was a nervous wreck and they kept saying ‘we got you’ and they did. Actual procedure is a…
Lisa B. from a week ago

Lisa B.

a week ago

Amazingly positive experience from beginning to end. I had avoided a consultation for years assuming the cost would be too high, and kicking myself now for waiting! The entire process was seamless and easy, exams were thorough and every step explained. Would recommend to anyone!
Elizabeth P. from 2 weeks ago

Elizabeth P.

2 weeks ago

I had farsighted vision with an astigmatism and have been wearing glasses since I was 4. Now at 22 I got my vision corrected. Everyone is so nice in this establishment and made me feel cared for and welcome. The procedure was quick and painless. I have so many friends complementing me and wanted to know about it. I recommend if you are thinking about LASIK that you see if you can get it. It…
Leanne P. from 2 weeks ago

Leanne P.

2 weeks ago

I am so grateful for everyone in this office. My anxiety was through the roof and every member of this team ensured that I was safe and in the best possible care. The procedure was quick and painless. The recovery process so far has been easy. No pain or discomfort the following day. The best part is, I CAN see! Thank you Dr. Wills and everyone who was a part of my care.
Elizabeth M. from a month ago

Elizabeth M.

a month ago

From the time I walked in the door to follow up the next day, I received top notch care! The technicians were thorough and knowledgeable. Dr. Stephenson was excellent during my initial exam and answered all questions. Dr. Carr has a great bedside manner and explained every step in detail prior to and during the procedure. The clinic provided the needed medication for post procedure with detailed instructions. Less than 24 hours post procedure and…
Leighann C. from 2 months ago

Leighann C.

2 months ago

I can’t recommend these guys enough. I decided on a Monday I wanted LASIK, after 2 days of research I made a free consult that Thurs for the following Monday. Friday I had the procedure and it is now the next Wednesday and I have 20/10 vision and great night vision. I have my eyes back. Everything was efficient, on time, well executed. I was not confused at any point, I had all of my…
Bree R. from 3 months ago

Bree R.

3 months ago

Dr Brewer and his staff are very friendly, and polite. They explained everything to me and they wanted to be certain I understood every aspect along the way. I’m in office now for my visit after the surgery and they’re still as nice and as professional as the day of my first visit. Less than 18 hours after my surgery, my vision is ALREADY at 20//5 for both near and far distances. I highly recommend
Kurt L. from 6 months ago

Kurt L.

6 months ago

Had Lasik here a couple months ago and I’m very happy I did. My vision wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good. It’s now 20/15 in both eyes. The process is very quick when compared to other types of surgery. The day of the appointment takes maybe an hour, with the actual surgery taking 5-10 minutes. I had no pain, but did have some discomfort for a few hours after. Everything was hazy for a couple…
Justin M. from a year ago

Justin M.

a year ago

Here for a free consultation. Including directions that were provided to us in our confirmation email as the GPS routing wasn’t clear once we got close. The office is on the 3rd floor in suite 325. Directions: We are located on the North side of Polaris Parkway, just off the Cleveland Avenue/Westgreen Lane intersection. We are in the Huntington/Quick Solutions building on the East side of a business park, next to the JP Morgan building.…
Angela M. from 7 years ago

Angela M.

7 years ago

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