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What Is The Recovery Time After LASIK?

What Is The Recovery Time After LASIK?

Author: Dr. William Tullo
March 17, 2017 • 13514 views

Questions about LASIK surgery recovery are very common, and some of the answers to those questions may pleasantly surprise you. Many people are aware that LASIK recovery is typically brief, but lack information on the details. There is no better way to learn more about those details than to hear it straight from an informed, trusted source. In this video, you will hear from five LASIK professionals on what to expect from LASIK eye surgery recovery, and how long it takes to start enjoying the benefits of crisper, clearer vision.

LASIK Recovery Q&A: Insights on Recovery from LASIK Professionals

One of the challenges when discussing LASIK eye surgery recovery is that every pair of eyes is unique, so if you have specific questions about your own recovery it is always best to consult with your LASIK specialist. For answers to some of the most common general LASIK surgery recovery questions, we turn the floor over to the experts:

How long do the first stages of LASIK recovery take?

  • Dr. David Nelson: “Recovery from LASIK surgery is pretty short. It is a surgical procedure, so a lot is going on with the actual event, but the healing time is quick.”
  • Dr. Anne Wonderling: “I usually like patients to have LASIK on a Thursday and return to work the following Monday, but some people can return to work the next day.”

When do most people begin to notice improved vision after LASIK surgery?

  • Dr. Anne Groomer Moore: “You may be able to see quite well immediately following the procedure. I usually have patients sit up, and they're able to see the clock at the other end of the room that they couldn't see when they walked in. But of course the recovery time is about 24 hours before you really start seeing better, and about a week for things to really settle down.”
  • Dr. John Bonsett-Veal: “It varies from patient to patient, actually. I say that you have good vision in a day, and great vision in a week. And if you are able to strategize to have a weekend off after surgery, that might be more comfortable for you.”

How soon can normal activities be resumed during LASIK surgery recovery?

  • Dr. Jeff Sarazen: “When I had my LASIK procedure I had it done at four o'clock in the afternoon on a Monday, and Tuesday morning I was back to seeing patients.”
  • Dr. John Bonsett-Veal: “Once you're back at work, be careful about computer vision, because your eyes may get dried out when you're staring at the computer screen. Just use your eye drops, follow the regimen, and you'll be fine.”
  • Dr. David Nelson: “Most people have just minor discomfort, maybe for 24 hours, and by the three to seven-day period they are not even noticing the fact that they had laser eye surgery.”

The exact details of LASIK eye surgery recovery depend on the individual, but the long track record of LASIK allows surgeons to make educated estimations for general use. If you have any specific questions regarding your own LASIK recovery, what to expect, and when you can resume your favorite activities, speak with your laser eye surgery specialist for a detailed, personalized answer.  To find a LASIK provider close to you, view our LASIK directory.

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