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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

Author: Dr. LaMia Jones
March 16, 2017 • 8611 views

LASIK Recovery

In this video, Dr. LaMia Jones of TLC Laser Eye Centers explains some of the key details of LASIK eye surgery recovery, and answers a few questions that she commonly hears from patients about the process. The recovery period begins right away and typically progresses quickly, so it shouldn't take long to start noticing real improvement. Here's what to expect, starting with the day of surgery:

1.    LASIK Recovery Begins Right Away – A significant percentage of Dr. Jones' patients are able to see better when leaving the office after their procedure than they did earlier that day. You may experience halos or cloudy vision, but the recovery period really does begin as soon as your surgery ends. You'll still need to arrange a ride home from surgery, but you shouldn't have to wait long to begin normal activities.

2.    But Rest Is Important – On the day of your surgery, your LASIK specialist will likely recommend that you take a nap when you get home. It's important to allow your eyes time to recover, especially immediately following surgery. Resting your eyes is an important part of LASIK eye surgery recovery, so be sure to follow your surgeon's instructions.

3.    Functional Vision Returns First –Your functional vision should begin to stabilize within 24 hours after LASIK eye surgery. Functional vision describes the vision you need to perform normal daily tasks, from reading a clock to enjoying your favorite television show. Dr. Jones estimates that her patients typically have about 50 percent of their vision the night of surgery, and 70 percent by the next day.

4.    Complete Recovery Comes Next – The full healing process takes place over a period of months, and your LASIK specialist will be with you on each step of your journey. While it takes time for your eyes to return to 100 percent health, you should notice significant improvements much more quickly.

Have more questions about LASIK eye surgery recovery? Speak with your LASIK specialist to learn more about what to expect, and get personalized answers to all of your laser eye surgery questions. 

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