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  • ARTICLELaser Technologies Used for LASIK

    Laser Technologies Used for LASIK

    Are you considering LASIK? Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of laser eye surgery technology is an important factor when considering LASIK eye surgery.

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  • ARTICLEDry Eyes Before and After LASIK

    Dry Eyes Before and After LASIK

    More than a million people each year get LASIK surgery to correct their vision, some without understanding all of the potential side effects. Dry eyes—often presenting as eyes that sting, itch or tear excessively—are a common and usually temporary LASIK side effect.

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  • ARTICLELooking Back: The History of Laser Vision Correction

    Looking Back: The History of Laser Vision Correction

    Humans have long looked for ways to correct vision. The first eye glasses appeared in 13th-century Italy, and the first contact lenses (made from hand-blown glass) showed up in 1888 Switzerland. But even as these innovations advanced, doctors around the world sought a permanen...

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  • ARTICLEThe Real Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

    The Real Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

    The cost of laser eye surgery can range from as low as $299 per eye to up to $4,000 or more per eye. The average price of custom bladeless LASIK eye surgery in 2013 was about $2,500 USD per eye. Geography, surgical experience, technology (e.g., which lasers), insurance benefi...

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  • ARTICLEMonovision LASIK for Presbyopia: Seeing Better as You Age

    Monovision LASIK for Presbyopia: Seeing Better as You Age

    About 90 million adults deal with presbyopia, the natural loss of one’s ability to see up close, which starts affecting people between the ages of 40 and 50. As we age, the eye’s natural lens starts to weaken in flexibility. It becomes harder for the eye to change focus an...

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  • ARTICLEWhat is Presbyopia?

    What is Presbyopia?

    Presbyopia is the gradual worsening of close-up vision. It is part of the natural aging process and affects most of us, usually beginning around age 40. While LASIK surgery is an excellent option to correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmati...

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  • ARTICLENational Eye Doctor Day

    Honor Your Eyes & Doctor with Annual Eye Exams

    March 30th is National Doctors' Day - and what a perfect way to honor your eyes - and doctor - by getting an eye exam!

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  • ARTICLEFive Must-Ask Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

    Five Must-Ask Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

    Medical decisions raise plenty of questions, from cost to competency. Here are five crucial questions to ask your laser eye surgeon that can help make sure you get a safe procedure from a surgeon you trust.

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