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  • ARTICLEWhy Not Make LASIK Your New Year’s Resolution?

    Why Not Make LASIK Your New Year’s Resolution?

    Are you making your New Year's Resolutions? Why not consider LASIK surgery as one of them! Learn about the benefits of LASIK.

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  • ARTICLELASIK Increasing Among Younger Adults

    LASIK Increasing Among Younger Adults

    Did you know the average age of LASIK patients is falling steadily? There are many reasons why more young adults are opting for LASIK eye surgery.

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  • ARTICLEAnnual Eye Exams are Necessary Even After LASIK

    Annual Eye Exams are Necessary Even After LASIK

    Many laser eye surgery candidates wonder if they will need to see their eye doctor for an annual exam following their LASIK procedures. After all, most will no longer require glasses or contact lenses. However, while your vision may be 20/20 or better following your LASIK proc...

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  • ARTICLEWhen is Someone Too Young or Too Old to Have LASIK?

    When is Someone Too Young or Too Old to Have LASIK?

    Age marks plenty of milestones: driving, voting, working and retiring. But there’s no set age for LASIK. Most providers won’t perform LASIK on those under 18 because eyes tend to keep changing into early adulthood. But laser eye surgery has been performed on children (with...

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  • ARTICLELaser Eye Surgery Across Cultures

    Laser Eye Surgery Across Cultures

    Laser eye surgery has a home in North America, but its origins, like those of many Americans, have roots across the sea. The global surgical community has long been on the frontier of laser eye surgery.

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  • ARTICLEWhat Should You Look For in LASIK Surgeons?

    What Should You Look For in LASIK Surgeons?

    LASIK eye surgery is a proven procedure with a long track record of promising results, but choosing the right LASIK surgeon is an important part of the process.

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  • ARTICLEAm I a LASIK Candidate?

    Am I a LASIK Candidate?

    Millions of people wish to reduce their dependence on eye glasses or contacts. If you’re thinking about LASIK, here are a few questions that can help you know if you might be a good laser eye surgery candidate. Answering these questions before your LASIK consultation can hel...

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  • ARTICLE5 Ways to Overcome Your LASIK Fears

    5 Ways to Overcome Your LASIK Fears

    For some people, LASIK remains too fearful an idea to broach with their eye doctor. Getting care from a trusted eye doctor can make you feel more comfortable with your decision to undergo LASIK.

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