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  • ARTICLECommon LASIK Fears (and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid!)

    Common LASIK Fears (and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid!)

    The world is full of fears about sight: fear of missing your exit, fear of squinting to no avail at your child’s big performance, fear of leaving contacts in too long. People considering LASIK have their own unique fears: in particular, concerns about pain, cost and complica...

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  • ARTICLELearn More About Astigmatism And How LASIK Can Help

    Learn More About Astigmatism And How LASIK Can Help

    About one in three people suffers from astigmatism, yet many would be surprised to know so many others also suffer from this condition. While common, astigmatism is often misunderstood, and many don’t know that LASIK surgery can treat it.

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  • ARTICLEActive Lifestyle with LASIK

    LASIK Eye Surgery? Why People Choose It

    Why do some people choose LASIK eye surgery? There are many reasons! Consider reading this article to learn the benefits of LASIK, as well as learning why those with an active lifestyle choose LASIK surgery.

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  • ARTICLEWhat is Bladeless LASIK?

    What is Bladeless LASIK?

    LASIK eye surgery is a common procedure used to correct eye problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. All three are conditions that affect the eye’s ability to focus on objects near and far away. Part of the LASIK procedure requires an eye surgeon to...

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  • ARTICLEHow LASIK Can Help People With Contact Lens Intolerance

    How LASIK Can Help People With Contact Lens Intolerance

    Many of us with less-than-perfect vision don’t consider eye glasses the perfect accessory, so instead we choose to wear contact lenses. But for some, contact lenses become uncomfortable and practically unwearable. Doctors call this Contact Lens Intolerance.

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  • ARTICLEWhy You Should Talk with Your Eye Doctor Before LASIK Eye Surgery

    Why You Should Talk with Your Eye Doctor Before LASIK Eye Surgery

    Interested in learning more about LASIK eye surgery? Striking up a conversation with your regular eye doctor is a perfect place to start. Your eye doctor is in the best position to know the details of your unique eye conditions, vision problems, and vision health history.

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  • ARTICLELASIK Myths Exposed

    LASIK Myths Exposed

    The reality is, laser eye surgery is an easy and safe FDA-approved procedure. There are many misconceptions about LASIK. This article exposes the most common myths and misconceptions about laser vision correction.

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  • ARTICLELASIK Surgery: Is LASIK Right For Me?

    LASIK Surgery: Is LASIK Right For Me?

    Have you ever misplaced your eye glasses? Had a contact lens fall out? Been caught without eye solution to pop that contact lens back in? Navigating the world doesn’t need to feel stressful, and two steps ahead of you doesn’t have to resemble fog. You might consider—and ...

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