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14 Ways LASIK Makes Date Night More Romantic

14 Ways LASIK Makes Date Night More Romantic

Author: Dr. William Tullo
February 12, 2014

There’s no denying the daily benefits of LASIK. But the most romantic day of the year steals our heart for highlighting the perks of laser vision correction.  Here are 14 ways date night becomes more romantic after laser eye surgery.

1.      Glasses-Free Kisses

Nerd lore commonly shows two be-spectacled sweethearts kissing. Their glasses clank, frame poking frame or face. Leave the specs behind after LASIK for unobstructed displays of affection.

2.      Spontaneous Sleepovers

Sleepovers are always fun, but a last-minute decision to stay at a friend’s house can lead to a last-minute hunt for a spare contacts case and eye solution. Instead of storing your contacts in two plastic cups overnight, a classic move, prepare your eyes for spontaneity by reducing your need for contacts.

3.      Kitchen Clearance

Want to surprise him or her with a favorite meal?  You’ll be thankful to see through the heat of pots, pans and the open oven door without your glasses fogging up.

4.      Widescreen Dating

If date night at the movie theater is your date-night tradition, you’ll notice how the widescreen of Hollywood no longer gets shrunk by the narrower screen of your glasses.

5.      Picture Perfect

Nobody likes spending hours retouching pictures before sharing online. Remember date night the way it happened, instantly, by posting photos naturally rid of glasses glare and those red nose splotches you get from wearing glasses.

6.      Long Walks On The Beach

Sunny walks are more pleasant when you don’t have to squint into the horizon. Don some dark, non-prescription sunglasses while embracing this classic tradition with your paramour.

7.      Speaking Of “Beach”

That beach body will be more in sight if you can squeeze in some workouts before the big day. Sweating while trying to keep your glasses and contacts on and in your face is no easy task. With less need for these when you work out, you’ll be moving faster toward wearing your date-night attire.

8.      Love Your Locks

When glasses aren’t hanging on your ears, you’re an easier target for having your hair played with.  Ask your date for this display of affection or for a head-and-neck massage to initiate a night of relaxation.

9.      Marvelous Makeup

Eye makeup is easier to put on when you can see what you’re doing without glasses.  Not only that, but your partner can more easily appreciate your attention to detail without glasses coming between you and him.

10.    One-Crush Night

There’s only one type of crush (the grade-school type) you should explore on date night. Don’t let a decision to take your glasses off on the couch or bed result in an unexpected crunch of glasses later on.  Broken lenses can be expensive to fix, and bent frames might never achieve their former fit.

11.     HD Dating

Unless your prescription was recently updated, you might not see your date in high-definition. Custom LASIK procedures have helped people see more clearly than they did with contacts and glasses.

12.     Singing in the Rain

If only someone would invent windshield wipers for your glasses. Sing in the rain with your sweetheart if the skies open up on date night, without the hassle of droplet-ridden frames.

13.     Sweethearts’ Sunrise

LASIK deserves a nod in the morning not just because you’ll be able to see your alarm clock when you wake up, but because you’ll be able to see your date.  Enjoy mornings more freely when you don’t have to make a trip to the bathroom to put your eyes in.

14.     Fashion Frames

This one might sound odd at first, but it’s not uncommon to have LASIK and then build up a wardrobe of inexpensive fashion frames that accessorize with each outfit.  Find some classy heart-shaped frames or a sleek pair of reds to match to your evening attire.

LASIK is a treatment option for those who are candidates to lessen and not necessarily eliminate a person’s need for glasses or contacts.  For more on life after LASIK, click here

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