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LASIK Increasing Among Younger Adults

LASIK Increasing Among Younger Adults

Author: Dr. William Tullo
July 25, 2013

Not many people can afford LASIK at a young age.  Despite this, the average age of LASIK patients is falling steadily. The typical LASIK patient used to be about 40 years old, but as Baby Boomers opt for non-LASIK, age-related  vision correction, such as cataract surgery or reading glasses to aid with presbyopia, their grown children are filling their spots.

Average age for LASIK

The average age for LASIK patients today hovers at around 35 years old—five years younger on average than about a decade ago. These people, born between 1977 and 1995, have grown up with cell phones, the Internet and, yes, lasers. They know many people who've had laser vision correction.

Boomers embraced LASIK in its earliest stages. Today, LASIK is North America’s most common elective medical procedure. Eye surgeons have state-of-the-art technology, 15 to 20 years of clinical experience, databases that match eye types to best procedures and a track record of high patient satisfaction.

As Frank Herbert wrote in the Dune series, “Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” The LASIK fears seem to have passed, and Generation Y—along with some of their Boomer parents in terrific health—remain. So LASIK and the two are mingling.

More frequently, LASIK eye doctors are seeing patients five to 10 years younger than those they saw in the previous decade. Generation Y patients, as compared to their parents, stand to gain extra LASIK benefits, such as more years of active lifestyle and fewer eye-care expenses, because they will live more years with reduced dependency on eye glasses and contact lenses.

Affording LASIK at a young age

A variety of payment plans for younger LASIK patients can also help the next generation of LASIK patients afford the procedures.

Today more than half of LASIK patients are younger than age 40. As more people in their 20s and 30s choose  laser vision correction, the outlook of an already common surgery will be an interesting one for Millennials. 


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