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How LASIK Can Help People With Contact Lens Intolerance

How LASIK Can Help People With Contact Lens Intolerance

July 2, 2013

Many of us with less-than-perfect vision don’t consider eye glasses the perfect accessory, so instead we choose to wear contact lenses. But for some, contact lenses become uncomfortable and practically unwearable. Doctors call this Contact Lens Intolerance.

Causes of Contact Lens Intolerance?

Contact Lens Intolerance can stem from lifestyle choices, misuse or improper care of contacts, or even a medical condition. About 36 million Americans wear contacts, and one study uncovered discomfort and dryness as the major cause of Contact Lens Intolerance.

Angus Chan, a tech guru who suffered from astigmatism before getting LASIK eye surgery, dealt with dry eyes when he wore contacts. His experience is not unlike that of many others.

“I did try for a time to wear [contacts] more regularly,” Chan said. “But my eyes would dry up too quickly since I use computers every day for extended periods. To even try going for a whole day, I would need to have eye drops to keep my eyes lubricated. If I wore them during the day, by the time I got home I had to remove them and go back to my glasses. I could never replace my glasses with my contacts. The routine ended up being too much trouble to wear them daily, and I just gave up.” 

Others who give up on properly using and cleaning their contacts can inadvertently cause eventual intolerance. Contact lens wearers need to routinely visit their eye doctor to make sure their contacts fit properly. Wearing ill-fitting or old contact lenses can damage your eyes.

Medical conditions, such as dry eye syndrome, changes in the cornea, allergies or frequent eye infections, also play a role in Contact Lens Intolerance. Let your eye doctor know right away if you find your contacts uncomfortable. A variety of treatment options are available. When you talk to your eye doctor, consider asking if LASIK might be a suitable treatment option for your specific case.


What does Contact Lens Intolerance due to quality of living?  

Fox News reporter Tiffany Tatro had difficulty at work with Contact Lens Intolerance, and her eye glasses weren’t much better. LASIK eye surgery solved her problem.

“Wearing glasses is always a struggle with outdoor stories like fires, or weather,” Tiffany said. “They get in the way, and many times conditions have forced me to take them off and report on something I can barely even see. Contacts have their own set of problems causing dry, watery eyes that make it nearly impossible to read off a prompter. Those problems are all a distant memory to me now. I no longer have to worry about my vision or glasses or contacts. I can see everything 20/20, and that is the most amazing feeling.”

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