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Five Reasons NOT To Put Off Laser Eye Surgery This Summer

Five Reasons NOT To Put Off Laser Eye Surgery This Summer

Author: Dr. William Tullo
July 1, 2014

Did you know fewer people get laser eye surgery in the summer than in other seasons? People’s schedules quickly get busy as they enjoy the outdoors and spend free time with friends and family. But the best time to get laser eye surgery might be the sunny season. Here are five reasons to invest in this 30-minute procedure this summer.

All revolve around that summer tradition: Travel!

1.       Travel More Freely

Summer is synonymous with vacations. Take yours without the hassle of having your contact lens solution confiscated by TSA or stowing it in your luggage and risking leakage. And if you’ve broken a pair of glasses while away from home, you know the gravity of being unable to see in an unfamiliar location. One LASIK patient shared, “I lost my glasses in the ocean on both coasts! I knew it was time to get LASIK.”

2.       Travel More Safely

Along that vein, thieves have been known to knock off a victim’s glasses before proceeding with the crime. Don’t leave yourself more vulnerable to theft abroad than you have to. If you know you’re virtually blind without specs, consider equipping yourself with reliable vision before going abroad. Another patient shared how he was mugged from behind. The police found the thief with the victim’s wallet in his possession. However, the victim was unable to identify his culprit because they had removed his glasses prior to taking his wallet.

3.       Travel In Style

Who doesn’t love getting a compliment on a pair of sunglasses? Open your options to nonprescription sunglasses by having laser eye surgery.

4.       Travel More Comfortably

Airplane air is notably dry, creating problems for contact lens-wearers. In addition, airplane seats are known for being a tight fit. To make sure you fit into that seat, why not try laser eye surgery? Many find the reduced need for contacts and glasses enables them to play sports and swim laps in the pool more freely.

5.       Travel Toward Water

Speaking of swimming, get underwater! Not only will you get a great workout while scuba diving on your holiday, but you also can enjoy being able to see (sea?) reefs, exotic fish and seashells at the bottom. Try that with glasses!

Consider that you might have an easier time scheduling your laser eye surgery in the summer. Appointment availability tends to decrease as fall approaches, so aim for early summer to book your laser eye surgery from the provider you trust. You might find yourself waiting weeks for the big day during high-volume seasons.


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